Chun ting Barbie

In case you ever forgot who the queen of rap was, Nicki Minaj is making sure you remember. After a Three month hiatus from the music industry the Barbie herself dropped two high anticipated singles and was featured on a Young Thug record. The day was dedicated to her and the hashtag #NickiDay was trending all over social media. Dropping new music during her interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Nicki made sure to spill all the tea when it came to “beef” with Cardi B and thoughts about ex Meek Mill and his incarceration. Clearing up exactly what went on with motorsport, Nick said her verse was changed per-request of Cardi, Quavo and the label she also made sure we knew the real reason behind her filming the video on separate days. Shedding a tear she told us how hurt she was that nobody stuck up for her during the “rain on Nicki parade” and how they chose to jump on the bandwagon instead of come to her defense.

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The two songs dropped were “Chun Li”  and “Barbie Tingz“. Taking a step back to her more grimy mix-tape self (which we LOVE) it seems as tho she has left her more pop sound in the past for now. Both songs are bangers, because i mean, when does Nicki not make a banger? My favorite song of the two is Barbie Tingz. It has that bounce beat that makes you want to pop your pussy giving me mad cocky vibes. I can picture nicki in a cute little outfit with a sickening wig wagging her finger in your face and posing in her usual barbie way. Chung Li is cute too and she’s talking her shit letting y’all know what’s really good but its just not my fave. Honestly I’m just super ready for whatever the album has to offer.

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Going back to #NickiDay her original motorsport verse appeared online. Originally Dj Akademiks had posted it on his twitch steam (but I don’t subscribe to his news in any way) but due to her finally spilling the tea it once again revealed itself. It had singing and a few words had been changed but the main difference was her saying “if Quavo the QB I’m Nick Lambardi” when it was originally “if Cardi the QB I’m Nick Lambardi” but it had to be changed as she saw it as a personal diss so Nicki complied. But the way she was talking was reminiscent of when she cam out and Kim wasn’t feeling her. Saying things like “she didn’t show love” is similar to what Lil’ Kim said about Nicki when she made her debut. Yes we must respect those who come before us but it seems that whoever is on top always wants those on the come up to kiss their asses (imo)

Once again, I’m so happy Nicki is back but I do need the tension of these two artists to just die. Be friends or don’t but, but lets move on because everyone is tired and over it. I’m ready for Nicki to talk about how wet and tight her pussy is and how fat her ass is while calling bitches her sons and talking that shit in general. Welcome back Barbie. A bitch has missed the fuck out of you.


Chun ting Barbie


I’m back with another Music Monday! This week is all about Drake and his new project “More Life”. There are a lot of positives and negatives about the album but I’m just going to start with me opinion. I’m not a fan, which is surprising to me because I normally LOVE everything he puts out. During the run up to his album release he put out singles and also was on a few features which got me really excited for what  he was going to produce.

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Something I really appreciated about album was the features. With most of the extremely successful hip hop artists in America, sticking to the same collaborations it can be nice but repetitive.  Switching things up in classic chameleon Drake style, he took on his UK Roadman persona and mixed it with grime’s finest artists. Honestly my fave songs were the Giggs features and the Skepta interlude everything else I could live without.


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It really speaks to Drakes character that given the chance he uses his fame and popularity to introduce his fan base to a new sound and new artists. The album, although not my favorite this he has put his name to is a reflection of the Drake we love but also gives us a taste of his future musical sounds.


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This album marries a classic “emo Drake” sound where he sings about past relationships and feeling along with other genres such as grime and  afro-beats. Given time maybe I’ll learn to love it just like his others (doubt it) but either way i appreciate Drake and what he is doing for UK musicians. I’ll never hate on him, it’s all love.

Let me know what you think