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As the second week of the Coachella festival has come to an end i think its only fitting we discuss the performances, costumes and surprises the musicians had in store for us. I’ll only be talking about the performers I like and whose sets I was able to steam (week one mostly) okay cool, let’s go.

kendrick sza coachella
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If you know me or anything about me then you know Sza’s “CTRL” has been my favorite album probably of all time. Each song is so relatable and gave me my life! She kicked off her 2018 Coachella performance wearing a denim boiler suit singing supermodel. Personally I’d prefer her to sing the songs exactly like recorded but they never do that and I know how relaxed pronunciation couples with her singer/songwriter tone she just lets the music take her were needed. A few songs in she removed the suit and showed a pinky ruffled two-piece both outfits display her style in opposing ways but it’s very much her. She even sang “consideration” which she wrote for Rihanna’s album and even had a few special guests such as Isaiah Rashad, Trippie Redd and the king himself Kendrick Lamar. With a few technical difficulties she was still able to perform in a way that left the audience feeling satisfied.

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Cardi B

For week one the expectant mother wore and all white ensemble, her dancers dressed in all white with the set and stage matching. She payed homage to the late great Lisa “Left eye” Lopes by wearing her hair in a signature style. Performing the majority of the album along side a few special guests Cardi was on fire, grinding and twerking all over the stage, even getting into some choreography. Personally I feel this was her best performance yet as she even stated she was doing 10 hour rehearsals which really showed. With strippers hanging from scaffolding it was a performance you  didn’t want to miss.

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Now I wont lie, I love me some Migos but the really need to invest in a creative director. If I was in charge the performance would go the fuck OFF! Firstly, I’d have them dressed similarly giving destiny’s child vibes. They do this some times but I think for big performances they should. Honestly I’d love to see rappers doing choreo, walking back and forth on stage isn’t enough anymore, they gotta step it up. In terms of the stage the most they had was three hanging chains when realistically they could have built three areas, one representing each of them, and would have made for a more interesting environment. Also, I’ve realised why Quavo’s verse comes first. Musicians never really performer a song from start to end and tend to do first verse and chorus meaning Qua is on the mic for the majority of the time and every once in a while TakeOff or OffSet will chime in with a verse. Do better guys, Love you

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The Queen Bey shut down the Coachella stage making us call it Beychella. Giving us everything as she always does and keeping the pro black theme she began dressed as an Egyptian Queen. Each outfit would make you scream. Honestly it is so hard to put into words just how amazing Beyoncé truly is. She created her on black greek house hiring a marching band, cheerleader (not sure of the term they use) and dancers of different complexions and body types. Performing consistently for almost 2 hours with high energy, complex choreography. Using stairs and moving runways at one point flying as well as rising from the ground, she left no resource unused. Bringing out her husband to perform she also called upon the dance genius that is Le twins and reunited Destiny’s Child who could want for more? She even had a dance break with younger sister Solange. Beyonce is truly the greatest performer of all time.

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Invasion of privacy

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Music Monday’s are back with a Bardi bang as Cardi B not only dropped her debut album but also revealed her pregnancy during her second performance on SNL. I just have to touch on the whole pregnancy announcement real quick before I get into the music so lets go sis. After months of denying the rumors and blaming her noticeable weight gain on being “fat” and strategically wearing ruffles as well as big clothing to hide her bump, she seemed super relieved to let the world in on her big secret saying “I’m finally free”. Now thinking about it she probably wanted to wait til her album dropped before opening up about the pregnancy so it wouldn’t over shadow what she’d been working on for the past year. The looks she served on SNL were perfect. They encapsulated the vibe of each song and gave you everything you didn’t know you needed Cardi to bring and let me tell you sis, she delivered.

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Now to the music…

The Set Gala
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After the global success of “Bodak Yellow” many people said Cardi was a one hit wonder and couldn’t really deliver much after but time and time again she proved the haters wrong. With the album already going gold (because of Bodak Yellow) there is no telling how high she can go within her career. The album “Invasion of privacy” has a very consistent vibe through out with no songs sounding out of place filled with musical highs and lows which allow you to experience an array of emotions. Known for the turn up, Cardi’s latest single “be careful” is all about relationship troubles and wanting your man to live up to certain expectations. Not something we’ve from her before but it was a pleasant change which reflects some elements of her relationship with fiance Offset of rapping group “Migos”.

No album is complete without the features (in my opinion) and there were some collaborations that were unexpected but delivered with great quality. We already knew about the feature from 21 Savage in the form of “Bartier Cardi” and we had assumed a collab with Migos was bound to happen but some more unexpected partnership occurred. She managed to get Sza, Kehlani, Chance The Rapper and even YG along with , Bad Bunny and J Balvin who can with the spanish sound. My personal favorites from the album are in no particular order

  1. Bickenhead
  2. I Do
  3. I Like It

Over all I would say Miss Belcalis Almanzar has only scratched the surface of her success and she is pretty limitless. If a baby won’t stop the peoples champ, I dont expect much else will.

Invasion of privacy

Zara Larsson

Something a little different this Music Monday, we’re going to be discussing swedish pop singer Zara Larsson. Now, I always get a little upset when someone younger than me is more succesful (that’s neither here or there) but I’m not a hater and I always give credit.

19-year-old pop sensation Zara Larsson

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I first heard about her when she released her debut single “Lush Life” it was a catchy pop song that stuck in my head for months before i had a clue who she was. As time progressed and she released more music I fell in love. She can do no wrong in my eyes each single is a banger where you either want to dance or sing your heart out. Her newest release is a RnB-esque song “So Good” feat Ty Dolla $ign. Her effortless vocals make you feel like you could sing the notes with ease (but you probs can’t). Larsson is super girly and Ty is suave,  the opposing vibes and energy work well together.

(left) Zara Larsson (Right) Ty Dolla $ign- So Good Video

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Her debut album “So Good” was released 17th March and has features with; MNEK, Wiz Kid and Clean Bandit, to name a few.  With heartfelt ballads to songs that just make you want to dance, it is full of everything you could wish for.Certain people were made for greatness and I think she was one of them.

So Good Album Cover Art


Zara Larsson

Music Monday – Stormzy

Okay so I normally don’t listen to grime or UK rap in general but I’m done with excluding it. With a growing level of popularity across the globe, who am I to ignore this musical genre birthed from people like me?  Of all the artists that come under the umbrella of grime, Stormzy seems to be the most successful in the shortest amount of time.

Album Cover art depicting the last supper.  

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Gang Signs and Prayer or “GSAP” as it is commonly known, takes you on a musical journey. Opening up about the relationship he has with his farther you are able to see a softer and more vulnerable side of the musician. Praising the lord in some songs whist asserting his dominance in others shows real range and depth.

Releasing his first studio album earlier this month I have to say it was better than expected. I was late to the party when he dropped his singles, I liked the one where he was telling everyone to shut up but other than that I had no clue. I had no real expectations for his album but I downloaded it anyway.

Stormzy and girlfriend Maya Jama in big for your boots video 


His latest single ” Big for your boots” is set in various locations around London. These images are relatable to the masses and so are his lyrics. Grime is the music of the UK street, it talks about things we all go through and this video speaks to that. With features from Kehlani, Lily Allen and a personal fave of mine Wretch 32 Stormzy is definitely one to watch and i for one will be watching.

Available on Apple Music check the album out for yourself.



Music Monday – Stormzy


For the most part it seems like the lack of diversity and representation only occurs in America but that is untrue. Here in England we have the same issue. The Brits happened a few days ago and whilst the performances we quite good. Slay bad gyal ri, yass Adele, kill it beibs. But I couldn’t help but notice that all the nominees had white face. With the exception on 1/2 of little mix I don’t think there were people of colour in the running. With UK grime artists krept and konan speaking up about it I wonder if next year will be any different. At least the oscars are here tonight. Let’s hope Leo finally wins and Chris Rock lets the academy know how important represent truest is.


King Kendrick

So the Grammy’s happened and once again I am late to talk about it, mostly because it was kinda boring. Taylor Swift opened and to be frank I was bored by her. I mean she had a hair cut which was real cute and her outfit was nice but… I’m just not a fan. When it comes to Taylor I can take her or leave her, 9 times out of 10 I’d leave her


The best part of the show was that King Kendrick performed. Not one to conform to what is “socially acceptable” he performed a medley of thought provoking songs from his album “to pimp a butterfly” which incorporated him in chains representative of black male  incarsoration followed by dancers in traditional African clothing. Needless to say he made all the while people in the audience feel very uncomfortable 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. What made me most happy is he took home the most awards of the night after being nominated for the most.

King Kendrick

She’s a fashion killer

So the golden globes have come and gone but to be honest I don’t know what it’s about and I’ve never watched. Thanks to tumblr I am however up to speed of what everyone important was wearing that evening, I figure I have a right to throw my two cent in the mix. Now I’m no fashion expert and I don’t know the names of many designers I do know what I like and what is attractive to me and apparently so do the celebrities. I mean from what I saw they could do no wrong so I picked a couple of my faves and here they are

And yes all those looks were fire but there is one that I cannot get out of my head. I don’t know how appropriate the look is for the even but to me it was perfection. The winner is Kylie Jenner. This dress made her look like a princessimage

She’s a fashion killer