Boobs, pubes and periods

So kids, lets get personal and dive back through my life to the most awkward stage of all, PUBERTY. Now for me this happened at a real early stage of my life as I was still in primary school and most definitely the first this happened to. I know you’re probably thinking TMI or whatever but i just want y’all to feel close to me y’know?

So way back in the day when I was in year 3/4 I remember my best friend at the time started getting pubes and I was getting boobs. It felt super good to know that someone was going through all these changes at the same time as me and the fact she was my best friend was so comforting. Honestly speaking I don’t think we really spoke about it but the option was there and as mine was visible and her’s were not maybe I had it worse than her? Yo when you get your first bra and the boys notice, that shit is crazy. I don’t know who taught them this but they insist on flicking your straps which hurts like shit and all of a sudden they get the horn and wanna give you feel ups (which at 8 years old is defo sexual harassment but at 21 becomes a craving lol).

First came boobs then came pubes. When they start growing they are the cutest things all thin and alluring. I miss the days of minor peach fuzz everywhere instead of full grown hairs everywhere because your girl hates shaving. One day you’re a smooth baby and the next you have excess hair in a place you never asked for.

Finally the periods. Now girl, I remember this like yesterday. It was just me and my big brother at home and I was laying on my mum’s bed watching tv. I got this almost sticky feeling downstairs which I ignored for as long as possible before I went to the toilet. I sat on the seat and looked down to see a deep red in my nickers. I didn’t know what to do so I changed my underwear ad told my brother who suggested I call my mum (which went to voicemail so I left a message). When she returned the call she coached me through pads and all that and everything was cool. After that she made sure to call all my friends mum to discuss it, which was hella embarrassing but whatever.

So yeah that’s kinda my story about all the awkward fazes in my pre-pubescent life. This probably won’t help anyone so maybe I’ll re-write when I get a little better at story telling. Anyways, that’s all for now and I guess I’ll keep my little stories coming.

Boobs, pubes and periods

Gone but not forgotten

Hey kids, whats good?

So I know I’ve been gone a while but I will be back. I mean honestly how could I stay away permanently? A lot has been happening and i need to fill y’all in on it, and trust me I will. But for today i want to know how you’ve been. Any updates or life changing moments that you want to get off your chest? Well I’m the girl to spill the beans to. I’m the best at advice plus I’m an outside opinion ready to give a fresh perspective.

So anyways, I’ll be back maybe next week (we hope) giving my unfiltered opinions on music as well as critiquing all things pop-culture. So be on the lookout for me kids. Also I’m thinking about starting up a YouTube channel who would watch? Who would care?

That’s all for now kids, I’ll see you when I see you my sugar tits.

Kisses and love,

Really Remeka xx

Gone but not forgotten

Music Monday’s – Future

When it comes to Future I have to really make a conscious  effort to not mix my opinions of his personal life with the music, so here goes.

Both images were sourced from spotify.

Last month he released not one, but two albums in the space of a week. It was later revealed his motives behind it were to set a world record of having two albums at the number 1 and 2 spot at the same time. I think it was a clever idea and I’m not entirely sure if he succeeded or not. His albums were called “Future” and “Hndrxx” which are both names he goes by.

Each album has it’s own sound with Future being the more hyped up music that will gas you on a night out whereas Hendrix is more emotional and heartfelt. Not sure if either are his best work but there is something for everyone which is always nice. I would say though, that Hendrix is my favorite of the two.

I really enjoy when rappers show their softer more vulnerable side. Hip Hop in general is all about hyper-masculinity which is a social norm I don’t partake in. whenever I see a man who portrays himself as an alpha male take a step back to show emotion I am obsessed with it. Personally I think he thought Ciara would wait for him to get his act together and when she moved on he was in his feeling and wrote an album emoting that.

Anyway, musically and artistically Future never fails to deliver. I am a fan of his Artistry (and his face not gonna lie) but not a huge fan of him personally. But hey I’ll let you all judge for yourself.

Music Monday’s – Future