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As the second week of the Coachella festival has come to an end i think its only fitting we discuss the performances, costumes and surprises the musicians had in store for us. I’ll only be talking about the performers I like and whose sets I was able to steam (week one mostly) okay cool, let’s go.

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If you know me or anything about me then you know Sza’s “CTRL” has been my favorite album probably of all time. Each song is so relatable and gave me my life! She kicked off her 2018 Coachella performance wearing a denim boiler suit singing supermodel. Personally I’d prefer her to sing the songs exactly like recorded but they never do that and I know how relaxed pronunciation couples with her singer/songwriter tone she just lets the music take her were needed. A few songs in she removed the suit and showed a pinky ruffled two-piece both outfits display her style in opposing ways but it’s very much her. She even sang “consideration” which she wrote for Rihanna’s album and even had a few special guests such as Isaiah Rashad, Trippie Redd and the king himself Kendrick Lamar. With a few technical difficulties she was still able to perform in a way that left the audience feeling satisfied.

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Cardi B

For week one the expectant mother wore and all white ensemble, her dancers dressed in all white with the set and stage matching. She payed homage to the late great Lisa “Left eye” Lopes by wearing her hair in a signature style. Performing the majority of the album along side a few special guests Cardi was on fire, grinding and twerking all over the stage, even getting into some choreography. Personally I feel this was her best performance yet as she even stated she was doing 10 hour rehearsals which really showed. With strippers hanging from scaffolding it was a performance you  didn’t want to miss.

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Now I wont lie, I love me some Migos but the really need to invest in a creative director. If I was in charge the performance would go the fuck OFF! Firstly, I’d have them dressed similarly giving destiny’s child vibes. They do this some times but I think for big performances they should. Honestly I’d love to see rappers doing choreo, walking back and forth on stage isn’t enough anymore, they gotta step it up. In terms of the stage the most they had was three hanging chains when realistically they could have built three areas, one representing each of them, and would have made for a more interesting environment. Also, I’ve realised why Quavo’s verse comes first. Musicians never really performer a song from start to end and tend to do first verse and chorus meaning Qua is on the mic for the majority of the time and every once in a while TakeOff or OffSet will chime in with a verse. Do better guys, Love you

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The Queen Bey shut down the Coachella stage making us call it Beychella. Giving us everything as she always does and keeping the pro black theme she began dressed as an Egyptian Queen. Each outfit would make you scream. Honestly it is so hard to put into words just how amazing Beyoncé truly is. She created her on black greek house hiring a marching band, cheerleader (not sure of the term they use) and dancers of different complexions and body types. Performing consistently for almost 2 hours with high energy, complex choreography. Using stairs and moving runways at one point flying as well as rising from the ground, she left no resource unused. Bringing out her husband to perform she also called upon the dance genius that is Le twins and reunited Destiny’s Child who could want for more? She even had a dance break with younger sister Solange. Beyonce is truly the greatest performer of all time.

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I’ve been gone for a while again but I’m back with a double feature. Both Kendrick Lamar and Tinie Tempah released long awaited albums on the same day. It took me a few days (weeks) to listen to both and figure out what I wanted to say. Well, I’ve put my thoughts together so here goes. This was meant to go out yesterday but technical difficulties so here we go.

Lets start with the king himself, DAMN is packed full of bangers that also make you think. Following up the success of sophomore album ‘to pimp a butterfly’ would be difficult for anyone when you consider what it meant to his fans. Kdot uses his platform for more than fame, he shines a torch on social issues that America particularly black Americans face daily.

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Tinie on the other hand takes a different musical realm. Coming from a grime background and transitioning into a more pop/mainstream side he’s had huge success. His album consists of the singles he dropped of the past few years and a whole bunch more. Honestly, I’ve always loved his singles and never listened to a full album. Guys, for real it is amazing. Tinie has delved deeper into his person life to produce more heartfelt music.

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Both albums have contrasting sounds I guess because both artists come from different walks of life. Kendrick coming from California and currently living through a time where being black is almost dangerous. He infuses current events in society with history and witty lyrics that make you think and feel a certain way. Tinie is from south London where knife violence is at an all-time high. He embraces the London sound of grime but allows himself to explore other elements and genres of music giving him an eclectic sound.

If you are feeling woke you might want to listen to Kendrick Lamar because it makes you think and stirs something up inside you. If you want diversity and to try something new listen to Tinie Tempah. Or listen to both because they are both amazing and we need to support talented people whenever we can.

Top 3 DAMN songs

  2. YAH.

Top 3 YOUTH songs

  1. Text From Your Ex (feat. Tinashe)
  2. Cameras (feat. David Stewart)
  3. Holy Moly

Of course I love the singles and their visuals for both albums so I chose separate songs.


King Kendrick

So the Grammy’s happened and once again I am late to talk about it, mostly because it was kinda boring. Taylor Swift opened and to be frank I was bored by her. I mean she had a hair cut which was real cute and her outfit was nice but… I’m just not a fan. When it comes to Taylor I can take her or leave her, 9 times out of 10 I’d leave her


The best part of the show was that King Kendrick performed. Not one to conform to what is “socially acceptable” he performed a medley of thought provoking songs from his album “to pimp a butterfly” which incorporated him in chains representative of black male  incarsoration followed by dancers in traditional African clothing. Needless to say he made all the while people in the audience feel very uncomfortable 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. What made me most happy is he took home the most awards of the night after being nominated for the most.

King Kendrick