And, We Out

So, it’s been about a week since my fellow brits and I voted on whether or not to leave the EU nd I must say I am not happy with the result. who in heir right mind would think it was okay to leave the European union? I mean the conservatives who are known for only caring about the 1% were split on their opinion so you have to know it was a bad idea. Me being a nineteen year old black woman it is real easy for me to tell what is in favour of me and the life I intend to have because #BlackGirlMagic, duh.

firstly I would like to say that the British public was ill informed of what exactly the referendum was and the possible out comes of voting either way. everyone I spoke to seemed to be really unsure of what would happen if you voted either way. Personally I felt like I was going into a vote blind. if you tuned into a debate it would seem as though all the politicians were talking in gibberish using language that the everyday person couldn’t quite grasp leading them to make the wrong decision.

People thought leaving the EU would free up a whole bunch of money that could be put into the NHS and schools when really what was upper-class people feeding propaganda to the working class. That Farage guy even said (once the votes were counted)that it was just an option and there was no certainty that that is where the money will be spent. Basically once he tricked the poor people into doing what he wanted he withdrew the option of giving what he had promised.

Basically the youth and elderly were manipulated into leaving the EU by the rich as it would benefit the rich and possibly even push the gap of upper and lower class further apart. Just rich white men doing what they do best.

And, We Out

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