Everyone Falls in Luv

Pretty much since I heard the song Trap Queen my life has been taken over with everything Fetty Wap. I mean both musically and personally, if it’s about Fetty I’m like completely invested and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. But, I have to say I have a new musical fave; Tory Lanes.

He first popped onto my radar when I was watching the drop on YouTube and the host played a clip of his debut single “Say it”. he sampled a song that took me back to my early days and I was hooked from then I’ve been a fan. But this week proved to me just how incredible his music really is. his newest single is called LUV where he samples music from a Beenie Man song (which was sampled to begin with but that’s not important)and I knew it was love.

It seems a lot of Canadian artists are influenced by Caribbean music which I love being a child of Jamaican parents. Artists such as drake are really showing the influence in their new music and Tory is showing me that he is just and talented and creative.

Let it be known that I am here for Tory Lanes just as much as I am here for Fetty and RemyBoyMonty my new musical faves.

Everyone Falls in Luv