Work,work, work from home

So what’s this new trend where artist are releasing new songs about “work”. In maybe the space of a week both Rihanna and Fifth Harmony real eased new music with work in the title,  and they are both bangers.

Rihanna treated her fans to two back to back videos both different in concepts. One more kid friendly than the otherimage the first came as no surprise as it was teased on her snap chat. Looking like she had gone back to her Caribbean roots with dancing and some grinding on drake was a true to form video. But the second was a little less expected. Still dancing with drake it was set in a living room withpurple lighting  imagethe first single off fifth harmony’s new album is hopefully setting the tone for their new sound. The group is maturing as you can tell by the clothes and sexy lyrics but even the dance moves have improved image

collabing with ty dolla sign was a big thumbs up and shows their musical transition. I have to admit I’m exited. image

Work,work, work from home

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