With the nominees for the oscars being announced a few weeks ago (yes girl I know I’m late) a lot of celebrities took to social media calling the the academy and Hollywood in general racist. This year, not for the first time either no actor of colour was nominated for an academy award. Jada Pinkett Smith said they should be boycotted by all celebs of colour to make a statement that we are not here to amuse and hand out awards but we too are deserving. Later on aunt viv from the fresh prince put out a statement saying the only reason Jada is mad is because will wasn’t nominated and we as actors of colour should still attend.  Both women have valid points as they are both calling for a change because representation does matter. Other celebs and people of colour came forward with opinions some valid and some like Stacey Dash who made stupid offensive remarks for the hell of it also spoke up. She said the BET awards and station should be taken off TV to increase diversity. She who benifited from the network is now against it when in actuality the station is there to show positive representation for the black community. So are the oscars racist? Is Stacy dash stupid? Who was right Jada or Aunt Viv?


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