New year, same old me

imageIts January first marking the end of 2015 and the begging of 2016 so a recap of the passing year is needed. 2015 has brought some of the biggest highlights celebrity/pop culture the world has ever seen from Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner(get it girl) to Chris and karrueche finally calling it quoted because of his beautiful baby Royalty. Which brings me to my next point. It seems that 2015 was the year to name your kids either “royal”, “reign” or some sort of combination of the two (yeah I’m talking to you queen bee lil’kim). This past year has been eye opening and was a void set up for the year to come it is now known that drake is king and should not be messed with thanks to meek stepping out of his lane and and into the light of embarrassment. Aside from all the dramas, beefs and choreographed dance routine the crown for best celeb of 3016 hands down goes to Zendaya. Not only is she an inspiration and role model to young girls but also to older women *cough cough* guilianna rancic. She doesn’t just clap back to negativity she teaches you something by shining her positivity onto everyone. Who could ask for a more beautiful gracious women to be a role model and leader of young women.

Who knows what 2016 will bring but who cares? It’s all about frowning and changing into who you want to be. So let’s take a leaf out of Caitlyn’s book and live our truths follow in Zendaya’s path and keep positive because this is life, nobody said it would be easy

New year, same old me

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